It is generally agreed that minimum of three climbers are required to have a safe climb, particularly in more remote mountainous regions. On the other hand, having more than five members in a climbing program can some times have a reverse effect, as it can infant compromise safety due to variety of technical issues. It is also a consensus that solo climbing particularly in remote regions can have a higher risk, particularly in case of an emergency.

However; in my opinion, solo climbing represents the end range of climbing, and it can provide us with such a unique experience that it is indeed worth taking all the associated risks. One can better appreciate the mountain, with all its majestic beauty, when he or she becomes face to face with it.

Furthermore; climbing solo provides the opportunity to better asses our inner strengths, and weaknesses alike.

In my mind, climbing solo is not only the preferred way, but it is the only way to go, regardless of…!

H.Sabbagh, D.C.

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