Iranian Chiropractic Association (IRCA)

Mission Statement

(Last Update: 2019, June 30)

  • Iranian Chiropractic Association (IRCA) is the only official Chiropractic association recognized by the Iranian Ministry of Health and Medical Education in Iran. The IRCA was established in 2002 and is currently the largest professional Chiropractic association in the Middle East region.


  • Even so the Chiropractic profession is a relatively recent addition to the Iranian health care system, it has nevertheless managed to play an important role in providing a unique conservative approach for the treatment of Neuro Bio-mechanical dysfunctions of the spinal column and its related structural pathology. Lack of specific and effective early management in the past, has led to variety of complicating neurological manifestations forcing costly and aggressive treatment procedures for the patient with often-questionable long term prognosis, and an unnecessary financial burden on the health care system. However; Chiropractic approach has always emphasized prevention, accuracy in diagnosis, evidence based treatment protocols, and a well-documented post treatment results comparison with long term follow ups. As the result, Chiropractic care has not only gained significant respect and acceptance by the general public, but it has also been more widely recognized by the medical establishment, in particular among the academic community.


  • To advance Chiropractic academic and educational standards, and to promote evidence based clinical practice guidelines in Iran and internationally.


  • To represent the Chiropractic profession as a scientifically based professional association in the Iranian medical community and health care system, and to promote its unique approach to Neuro Bio-mechanical dysfunctions of the extremities and the spine.
  • To introduce evidenced based Chiropractic care to the Iranian population and participate in public education on prevention and conservative treatment of Neuro Bio-mechanical dysfunctions as a feasible option in modern health care.
  • To represent and help to protect the rights of the Chiropractic profession within the Iranian health care system, while maintaining a vigilant supervision on Chiropractic standard of care, safeguarding the public.
  • To establish and enforce abidance of the IRCA code of ethics by all its members through supervision, promoting public awareness, and office inspections.
  • To represent and participate in accordance with the rules and regulations set by the Iranian Ministry of Health & Medical Education, and the Iranian Medical Council (IMC) governing the Chiropractic profession in Iran.
  • To represent the Chiropractic profession in the medico-legal proceedings conducted by the Iranian Medical Council, and the Iranian Forensic Medicine Office or upon a third-party request.
  • To cooperate with and assist the Committee on Academic Assessment and Evaluation (CAAE) of the Deputy Ministry of Education – Iranian Ministry of Health and Medical Education responsible for Chiropractic academic evaluation, and implementation of Chiropractic Clinical Competency Program, through approved designated clinicians and administering the Clinical Competency Examination required for Chiropractic licensure.

Code of Ethics

  • IRCA has been recognized as one of the very first professional associations in Iran which has established and implemented the professional code of ethics, as we believe clinical practice must be as ethical as it is scientific.

International Affiliations & Responsibilities

  • To represent the IRCA at the World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC), which is an official member of the World Health Organization (WHO), in conjunction with and as an active participant for:
  • Advancement of Chiropractic academic standard.
  • Uniformity of Chiropractic education internationally.
  • Supporting meaningful research programs globally.
  • Working to establish and promote Evidence Based Clinical Practice Guidelines.
  • Working to expand international communication through conducting international conferences and promoting scientific collaboration.
  • Promoting externship program for international students in Iran.
  • Promoting and improving post-doctorate academic programs and their application in the Iranian health care system.
  • Close cooperation with the WFC in creating public awareness and promoting prevention measures through early spinal screening such as the Chiropractic Spine Day program, both domestically and abroad.

Academic Standards

  • Promoting standardization and advancement of academic educational requirements for general Chiropractic practitioners internationally.
  • Helping to establish and promote Chiropractic post-doctorate program curriculums by introducing new concepts in Chiropractic care, which has led to the expansion of the current scope of practice, active participation in clinical research, and working to improve evidence based clinical practice guidelines.
  • Leading the profession in introducing specific evidenced based unique treatment protocols for Neuro Bio-mechanical dysfunctions of the spinal column such as advanced discopathies and their related neurological manifestations. Also, promoting post treatment result comparisons including documented improvements in structural pathology, which has proven to be unique in the given context.

Continued Education


  • At the IRCA we believe that continued education in today’s academic environment with constant introduction of new scientific research – affecting the standard of care, is not just required, but an absolute necessity. Working to improve and advance the current standards of care has always been an important priority with us, which we believe benefits the patient and the clinician alike.


  • Introduction of new scientific research as it applies to clinical practice including diagnostic procedures, and treatment protocols.
  • Re-valuation of current clinical practice guidelines in order to improve, advance, and introduce new more effective evidenced based treatment protocols.


  • Subjects must cover Chiropractic scope of practice including; diagnosis, differential diagnosis, pathological diagnosis, Neuro Bio-mechanical diagnosis, neurological evaluations and related studies, imaging including basic and stress studies and their clinical applications, advanced diagnostic imaging studies and their clinical applications, evidence based treatment protocols, alternative treatment protocols, clinical considerations and contraindications.
  • Titles must include Neuro Bio-mechanical dysfunctions of the spinal column and the extremities, differential diagnosis, including interdisciplinary considerations both in respect to diagnostic procedures as well as treatment protocols.

Selected Audience

  • Presentations in general should be tailored to address the following specialties including but not limited to; Doctors of Chiropractic in general practice, Doctors of Chiropractic with post-doctorate certifications, Physical Medicine Specialists, Orthopedic Surgeons, Neurologists and Neurosurgeons, and Neuro-radiologists. Further classification may be warranted pending subject specificity.

Presentation Requirements

  • Presentation contents must be in accordance with the general title of the specific continued education program, it must be in Power Point and/or Keynote platform, qualify as evidence based clinical information, and fully referenced.
  • Any non-reference based personal opinion of the speaker must be clearly stated as such, as it is considered an observation only, and not included in categorization of evidence based medicine chart-line in general.
  • Presentations must not include any references, which may be construed as advertisement or commercialization.
  • Presentation abstract and / or introduction must be submitted to the IRCA Committee on Continued Education for the purpose of evaluation minimum of 4 weeks prior to the program approval. 
  • Presentation information including schedule date, location, speakers, subjects, science secretary, continued education credits, appropriate link with reference code must be available on IRCA website minimum of two weeks prior to schedule.
  • The IRCA science secretary is preferred to, but not obligated, to provide similar information on his or her contact link such as a website.


  • Providing the opportunity for targeted health care professional to access new research findings not only as they apply to new clinical research methodology, but also their application in clinical practice, in order to help improve the standard of care both in Iran and internationally.
  • Provide the opportunity for health care specialist from different disciplines to participate in scientific presentations and discussions on different aspects of diagnostic procedures and treatment protocols respectively. Interdisciplinary participation in itself leads to improved interdisciplinary communications, which in effect will benefit patient care.
  • Active participation required by our members will aide in better recognition of their advantages and weaknesses in clinical practice, and it provides the opportunity for the IRCA science secretary and related committees to gain a better understanding of academic challenges ahead.
  • Helping to better prepare and educate scientifically oriented Doctors of Chiropractic to meet the new challenges of today’s health care systems.
  • Promoting post-doctorate Chiropractic Educational Curriculum in the areas of;
  • Chiropractic Clinical Neurology Program
  • Chiropractic Sports Medicine Program
  • Chiropractic Radiology Program
  • Chiropractic Pediatric Care Program
  • Chiropractic Geriatric Care Program
  • Chiropractic Spine Specialist Program

IRCA Statement on Diversity

  • The Iranian Chiropractic Association recognizes the importance of safeguarding diversity as it encompasses; nationality, race, religion, gender, age, marital status, socioeconomic status, and disability.


  • Alleviating human suffering is an obligation shared by all health care professionals. However; working to improve the current practice guidelines through observation, case reports, and clinical research is an essential responsibility recognized and prioritized by the Iranian Chiropractic Association.

Drafted By:

H. Sabbagh, D.C.

IRCA President & Science Secretary

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