MRI Study – Clinical Application; Part II


(Synopsis) Relaxation Time Variables: MRI Diagnostic Imaging Study Techniques; TR/TE, T1, T2, pImages, Fat Suppression, STIR MR, FLAR MR, PD, GE, FSE, Gadolinium Contrast MR, Functional MR, Clinical Correlation, Limitations & Contraindications.

[Commission on Chiropractic Clinical Practice Guidelines (CCCPG)]. [Presentation; CCCPG Conference Room, 2022 September 01]

September 01, 2022

10:00 – 12:00 Am (CIT)

Presented By: H. Sabbagh DC, CCCN

Scientific Director: H. Sabbagh DC

Post-Doctorate Studies

CCCPG Conference Room

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