Iranian Chiropractic Association (IRCA)

The 3rd IRCA Symposium; Chiropractic Management of Neuro Bio-mechanical Disorders of the Extremities

Conference Date: January 25, 2019 (1397/11/05)

Location: Alameh Tabasi University Conference Hall

Subject: Diagnostic Imaging of a Pre-arthritic Hip; An Overview

Session: 14:00 – 14:45

Presented by: H. Sabbagh, D.C.

Executive Secretary: H. Rashedi Ashrafi, M.D., D.C.

Panel Members: H. Sabbagh, D.C., M. Khakpour D.C.

Program Science Secretery: H. Sabbagh, D.C.

Continued Education Credit: 3.7; (Full Program) (Online Registration Only)


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