Post-Doctorate Studies Academic Program- Admission Examination: PD-IDI P-02 (CXRML)

Spinal Modic Changes – Diagnostic Imaging Studies & Clinical Significance (May 25, 2023)

Presented By: H. Sabbagh D.C.

Conference Examination: PD-IDI E-01 (CXRML)

Post Doctorate Studies – Admission Program 

Sponsored by the Commission on Chiropractic Clinical Practice Guidelines (CCCPG)

Presentation: PD-IDI P-02 (CXRML)

Date: July 06, 2023

Subject: Chiropractic X-Ray Marking/Listing System review of:

Accuracy, Reproducibility, Evidence Based, Clinical Indications.

Session II of the IRCA conference on: Chiropractic Treatment Protocols; Diagnostic Imaging Correlations

Speaker: H. Sabbagh D.C.

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Continued Ed. Credits: 1.5 (total)

Status: Post Doctorate Studies 

Examination Deadline: July 13, 2023 (Noon CIT)

Examination Code: PD-IDI E-02 (CXRML)

Status: Online examination 

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Scientific Director: H. Sabbagh D.C.

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