IRCA General Assembly June 16, 2022; 10;00 – 12;00 (1401/03/26)


  1. Presidents report on:

     A. IRCA position within the academic community, IMH, Legal aspects, inter profession      


     B. Committees activities – Needs to continue the policies in the future

          Science & Research – Must continue with research and evidence based      


         Continued Education – Must continue as required for DC as well as 

                                                Maintaining the current independent status of the profession

         Clinical Competency Program & Examination – Absolute requirements to 

                                                maintain the current standards for licensure in Iran – Need to expand 

                                                designated doctors.

          Ethics Committee – As it states is required

           Public Relations – Extremely important both in terms of inter -profession relations as well the 


     C. IRCA Website design and expansion – Maintanace needs and its importance both internally as well

                                                                       as international. 

     D. Maintaining relations with other health care professionals & associations

     E. Medical Association Office Evaluation – requirements and the need to stay ahead of the 


     F. Vice President complementary speech

    G. Treasurers report

    H. Upcoming election candidates speech 

H. Sabbagh D.C.

IRCA President