Tag: Chiropractic Imaging Listing – Evidence Based ? [Author: H. Sabbagh D.C.]

Chiropractic Imaging Listing – Evidence Based ?

Chiropractic Imaging Listing – Evidence Based ?


Chiropractic listings are used in some techniques as a diagnostic study to determine the treatment protocol, or more specifically, delivering the chiropractic adjustment. It is further contemplated that intersegmental dysfunction can be fully diagnosed based upon such a listing, and furthermore, nerve interference can be detected, and removed accordingly. In this presentation, several examples of such listings have been put through scrutiny and studies with respect to accuracy and reproducibility. 

The more important aspect of this presentation emphasizes the lack of correlation between patient neurological presentation and imaging listings. This has been particularly emphasized in patients presenting with radiculopathies secondary to IVD structural pathology. Furthermore, technical errors in obtaining the plain film studies including, positional, refractive, iatrogenic, structural deviations, have been reviewed. Furthermore, the presence of antalgic deviations in addition to referred positional discrepancies such as SAS – LR compromise affecting the non-clinical segments have been explained. And compensatory ISD staging and its empirical value in delivering accurate evidence-based treatment protocol and its total lack of correlation with imaging listings have been demonstrated.

Furthermore, the ethical question of exposing patients to unnecessary radiation based on a hypothesis is not an acceptable practice, particularly in our health care system.

The position of the Commission on Chiropractic Clinical Practice Guidelines has been clearly stated on the issue.

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