Canadian Memorial College of Chiropractic (CMCC)

During my recent trip to Toronto-Canada, I had the opportunity to visit the Canadian Memorial College of Chiropractic (CMCC). It was a pleasure to meet Dr. David J. Wickes, CMCC president and his cordial staff, Drs. Dunham, Tibbles, and Kumka. 

I also appreciated the comprehensive tour of the college and its respected departments. I was mostly impressed by the CMCC’s research department, and it was enlightening to see the amount of effort being put into new research. CMCC seems to share our vision at the IRCA, both in respect to the importance for our profession prioritizing the Evidence-Based Practice, as well as the essential need for specialized Post Doctorate Programs. 

I would also like to thank Dr. R. Jafari for having accompanied me on this trip, and special thanks to Dr. Richard Brown, WFC Secretary General, for his valuable presence during this meeting.

H. Sabbagh, D.C.

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