Bio-mechanical Diagnosis

Imaging Diagnosis:

  •     Focal outer annular rupture causing a pan-central extruded material; leading to a right S1 radiculopathy.

Intricate Bio-mechanical Findings (IBF):

  •    Hypermobile L5-S1 Functional Unit.
  •    Inter-segmental Dysfunction (ISD) Stage III.
  •    Adjacent transitional Segment.


  1.   Is it possible to diagnose the pre-existent ISD prior to the current discopathy?
  2.   Has the transitional segment contributed to the pre-existent ISD?
  3.   Is there a relationship between chronic ISD and possibility of an acute IVD damage?
  4.   Is it possible to predict the probability of IVD damage based upon ISD staging?
  5.   Can this particular case be treated via DPPP-SAA treatment protocol?
  6.   What is the long-term prognosis?


It is important to note that when evaluating a patient with inter-segmental discopathy, it is also essential to evaluate the adjacent segments, as well as the entire spine. This is because diagnosis of the pre-existent bio-mechanical dysfunctions, which may…………


H. Sabbagh, D.C.

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Last Update: October 18, 2020

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